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Islamic Financial Training in 2009

Dear Ali Sakti,
Please see below for details of our upcoming courses.

Modern Islamic Finance & Islamic Financial Products
18th - 21st January 2009, ABU DHABI
This exercise-driven, intermediate level course will cover the use and structure of the major Islamic sales and investment products. The program will also include the structure of more complex instruments, such as Sukuk, building up to the development of innovative hedging instruments and derivatives. Important accounting and risk management issues for each product will be discussed in detail. The exercises undertaken by delegates during the course are based on real-life case studies.

Sukuk & Islamic Capital Markets
1st - 4th February 2009, DUBAI
15th - 18th June 2009, LONDON
8th - 11th November 2009, DUBAI
7th - 10th December 2009, KUALA LUMPUR
This is a highly practical 4 day course delivered by industry expert Abdulkader Thomas. The program is conducted in a consultative fashion and all key concepts and structures are illustrated by a case study or an exercise. At various points during the course delegates are expected to work in groups to structure financing solutions for clients, and then present these ideas to the full class. Also included in the course will be the most recent update on the position of AAOIFI regarding Sukuk structures.

Islamic Project Finance Transactions
15th - 18th March 2009, MANAMA
Take this opportunity to understand the role and potential size of the project finance market today. Through case studies this new program will examine large scale and complex project finance transactions, including important risk, regulatory and ratings issues. Also, compare and contrast different uses and applications for Islamic products in project finance, including Murabahah, Ijarah, Salam and Istisna.

Risk & Macro Monetary Management In A Dual Banking System
23rd - 27th March 2009, KUALA LUMPUR
This course will cover the vital areas of Islamic and hybrid structured products, capital and money markets management as well as the complex issues of Islamic hedging mechanisms. The program will also offer a detailed examination of the operations, structure, regulatory and risk management issues of Islamic funds and other innovative financial products.

Islamic Financial Markets, Treasury & Derivatives
19th - 21st April 2009, DUBAI
This 3-day course is a mixture of interactive lectures and hands-on simulations which will require direct involvement from participants. Delegates will be given live market data and real-life scenarios, and be expected to develop strategies to manage positions. The program is competitive and there will be winners and losers!

For training information:
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